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RAPTOR Rumble Strip Placement and Pickup Machine, for increased safety during road works

Welcome to the product page of the automatic Rumble Strip Placement and Pickup machine RAPTOR!

Rumble strips alert inattentive road users to avoid a collision with an upcoming construction site. Thus, the number and impact of accidents at lane closures can be significantly reduced.

The use of safe and stable rumble strips is essential when implementing a road safety concept. See the video for a practical test of different rumble strip products.

In order to carry out the process of laying out and picking up these rumble strips safely and efficiently, the Senn company has developed the Rumble Strip Placement and Pickup machine RAPTOR, which considerably facilitates the handling of rumble strips. With the help of RAPTOR, the driver of the truck installs and removes the rumble strips by remote control without having to leave his vehicle.

On this website you can learn more about this exciting product!

RAPTOR 2M - Model for 2 metre long rumble strips

RAPTOR 3M - Model for 3 metre long rumble strips:

Practical rumble strip tests:

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